What is EuroNNAc?

The European Network for Novel Accelerators EuroNNAc brings together more than 50 institutes and aims at federating the significant European and international efforts in plasma-based accelerators. Goal is to prepare a roadmap for an efficient use of this novel technology in full-scale accelerators.

Towards a Pilot Facility

The field of novel, plasma-based accelerators has seen steep progress. At present, bunches of 109 electrons are generated and accelerated to 1 GeV with laser-driven plasma accelerators. The beams have a 1% energy spread, normalized emittances around 10 mm-mrad, a bunch length of 1.5 fs. In parallel, beam driver technologies (electrons or protons) for plasmas are being developed. e-beam driven plasma accelerators have demonstrated an absolute energy gain of 30 GeV for electrons. The EuroNNAc network aims at putting the different technologies together, transferring knowledge to industry, defining an optimal combination of technologies and describing a roadmap towards operational accelerators with first use cases. One or several European pilot facilities should be proposed.

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03/2012: Subscribe to work packages!

03/2012: EuroNNAc 2012 meeting is fixed to take place at CERN from May 2 - 5, 2012. MORE INFO HERE.

11/2011: EuCARD2 proposal is sub-mitted to the EU, including a request for additional funding of the EuroNNAc network.